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Here’s our lowdown on how you can design a space-efficient 1BHK with space-saving interior design ideas!

It might feel overwhelming to add all your belongings into a small 1 BHK flat. What’s even harder is to achieve a sophisticated yet functional 1 BHK design with space-efficient interiors. With the right space planning, you can modify a 1 BHK flat or apartment into a home that has all the functionalities and an inviting vibe to it. All you require are a few multipurpose furniture and you can have space-efficient 1BHK to call yours!

How To Design Interiors For A 1 BHK?

A 1 BHK is typically a bedroom with a hall and a kitchen. It can be for a villa, apartment/flat or an individual house. It’s best suited for a young couple or a single working bachelor or bachelorette or as an investment to rent it out. Designing interiors for a property this small can be a tricky business as it requires balancing limited space and getting right functionalities.

So here’s how you can design a space-efficient 1BHK for yourself.

Extract The Most Out Of Your Space

The average 1BHK flats or homes are anywhere between 400-600 square feet in usable floor space. There are several ways of optimising your interiors to get multiple functionalities out of your furniture. For example, a Murphy bed in the living room that doubles as both sofa and a bed for the times when you have guests over to stay or one with a TV unit with storage options behind the panel to hide away your remotes, CDs etc. A storage bed with drawers and lift-up storage sections in your main bedroom or a wardrobe with a loft and a pull-out study table to utilise every inch of space. Given that you will have a small kitchen, consider adding a drop-down breakfast table for two that neatly tucks away, flushing into the wall when not needed. Also, you can have additional multifunctional designs such as a skirting drawer, janitor pull-out, dado storage, pull-out chopping board.

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Colours And Accents To Make Your Space Look Bigger!

Use of bright colours like peaches and creams, teals and turquoises, and oranges and yellows, when paired with the right decor pieces will make your space look more spacious. Consider adding full-length mirrors, spotlights and small patterned upholstery to your living room, and your bedroom as larger patterns will make the place look unsightly. Add floor to ceiling curtains and wallpapers to make your walls look taller. Here’s a list of a few space-saving interior design ideas perfect for a 1BHK:

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Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are the best option for homeowners with restricted space in a tiny apartment or a small home where it’s a need to save some floor space. Also known as wall beds, these beds go back to the wall when not in use, making it an ideal choice for a 1BHK.

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A Box Shaped Bed With Ample Storage

The key to keeping a small-sized home clutter-free is to keep things organised. A great space-saving interior is this bed with ample storage option to tuck everything that’s seldom used at one place keeping the room clutter-free.

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A Headboard Cum Mini Sliding Door Wardrobe

This sliding door wardrobe design is custom designed in a way that it occupies the dead space behind the bed, which would have otherwise been used to hang paintings or photos. The doors, when closed, are finished with a pure white laminate on the shutters that double up as a headboard for this bed. It further has a combination of shelves and a medium-length section with a hanging rod to hang your shirts and jackets. The top ledge can be used to store quilts or bed linen. The colour of the doors can be customised as per your taste and your bedroom design.

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A Drop-Down Dining Table

A drop-down dining table that goes back into the wall when not in use. It is no less than a blessing for a 1 BHK home where there’s hardly any place left to fit in a dining table. This drop-down dining table is a custom design with hidden storage and a couple of cushioned seating. Isn’t that great?

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Interior Design For 1bhk With A Study-Pull Out

A study unit is a must have an element in every home, be it to survive the work from home culture, to complete late night assignments or for kids to focus! But what do you do when you have no space to add one? The answer is this chic study-pull out! This compact study unit goes back into the bookshelf when not in use, lending back your floor space.

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Drop Down Side Table

The bedroom in a 1BHK is so tiny that it’s next to impossible to add standalone side tables on either side of the bed. Because if you do so, your cupboard won’t open right? We get you! This compact drop down side table is mounted on the wall, can be lifted up when you need to store your knick-knacks and pushed down when not in use.

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A Coffee Table With A Hidden Storage

If you have always dreamt of adding a full-length showcase or a bookshelf into your living room to flaunt your collection of bestsellers, then this one’s for you. When the confined space of your living room in a 1BHK doesn’t leave you enough space add a coffee table with storage. This stellar modern coffee table design features a wooden top that goes up to perform double duty as a laptop desk exposing the hidden space to store your books or magazines and open boxes at the base for additional storage.

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And it’s a wrap! We hope these space-saving design ideas help you design a space-efficient 1BHK keeping the style quotient intact!

Happy Decorating!

FAQs On 1 BHK interior design

1. How can I incorporate storage solutions into my 1 BHK apartment design?
Invest in multi-functional furniture pieces like a TV unit with a study table or a bookshelf with hidden storage to make the most of your apartment floor space. Installing built-in shelving can be a great way to add storage without taking up valuable floor space. A storage bed can increase the storage space and keep your apartment clutter-free.

2. Can I use mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space in my 1 BHK apartment?
Yes, mirrors are a great choice to create the illusion of a larger space. They brighten up a dark room and give a spacious vibe.

3. What colors are best for a 1 BHK apartment?
Soft pastel colors are a great choice for a 1 BHK apartment as they create a sense of lightness and airiness in the space. Light neutral colors like white, beige, and light gray reflect light well which makes your apartment feel brighter and more open. You can add a pop of color through an accent wall in a bold color.

4. What are some tips for maximizing natural light in a 1 BHK apartment?
You can maximize natural light in your 1BHK apartment by cleaning your windows regularly to let in as much natural light as possible. Avoid using heavy or dark-colored curtains that can block natural light. Consider adding a large mirror to a wall opposite a window to reflect natural light into the apartment. Paint your walls in soothing colors as light colors reflect natural light and make a space feel bigger and brighter.

5. What are some space-saving furniture solutions for a 1 BHK apartment?
A sofa bed, storage bed with pull-out drawers, wall-mounted study desk, floating shelves, storage ottoman, and drop-down dining table are some interesting space-saving furniture solutions for a 1 BHK apartment.

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Space Saving Interior Design Ideas For 1 BHK | DesignCafe (2024)


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