Professional Exhibition Booth Design Ideas (2024)

by Ruben Mancias

When you’re looking for exhibition booth design ideas, where do you begin?

Great designs don’t necessarily start with a specific look in mind. Instead, they’re carefully developed based on your event marketing strategy. A professional exhibition booth design can be crucial to reaching your trade show goals. Although there are a near-infinite number of possible designs, using the services of professional exhibit designers will ensure that your booth:

  • Captures the attention of event attendees
  • Effectively incorporates graphics to stand out from the crowd
  • Looks great and functions well
  • Includes all the features you need to achieve your goals

Professional Exhibition Booth Designs Use Graphics to Be Seen

Graphics are an essential way to attract and guide visitors to your booth. This is especially true in packed venues. You want your booth to be easily spotted from anywhere in the exhibition hall, so you’ll likely want some height to your signage. Hanging signs from the ceiling is a frequently utilized—and very effective—technique for increasing visibility; you can also cover the walls of your exhibit with large-scale graphics, or mount free-standing signs around your booth. Trade show booth signs come in all sizes and shapes to allow them to be seen from all directions; double-sided signs are a smart way to increase visibility.

For all your graphics, you’ll want to make sure they’ll work well at the event venue. A design that looks great on a screen in the office or on the cover of a brochure may not translate well to the space you’re renting. Carefully considering the visual composition of the entire exhibit in advance will ensure that your signs are built to the correct scale, are angled properly for maximum visibility, and don’t blend in with everything else competing for attention.

You may have talented in-house graphic designers who are well-versed in the proper usage of fonts, colors, and composition, but unless they’ve specifically created graphics for exhibition booths before, they may not have the experience required to make signs on the scale you need to get noticed. Professional exhibit designers operate on that scale on a regular basis. Working with the right people will ensure your exhibition booth has graphics that make an impact.

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Professional Exhibition Booth Designs Achieve the Unexpected

When it comes to memorable exhibition booth design, creativity is the key. Give event attendees a reason to visit your booth by making it unique and unexpected. Consider designing your booth around a clever theme, or incorporating interactive elements to encourage visitor participation. Create buzz around your brand or product via an exhibit that stimulates interest and lingers in the memory long after the trade show’s conclusion.

This is another area in which utilizing the services of a professional exhibition booth design company is essential. You may have a great concept for your booth, but no idea how to go about making it a reality. Or you might not even know how to take the first step in planning your booth design. Working with experienced designers and skilled craftspeople is the best way to end up with an exhibition booth capable of attracting attention and making a lasting positive impression.

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Professional Exhibition Booth Designs Mean Business

You want your exhibition booth to be eye-catching and to represent your brand well. At the same time, however, the booth also needs to serve as a workspace. All of that requires a purpose-built design that does more than just look good. It’s not enough for your booth to be decorative; it also needs to be functional.

Think about your goals for your next trade show. What do you want to achieve? Who specifically do you want to reach? Are you looking to sign deals? Create a new prospect list? Debut a new product? Increase overall brand awareness? All of the above? Your exhibition booth design can help with any and all of these goals. While your booth’s visuals go a long way toward attracting visitors, other elements will be necessary to achieve trade show success.

For instance, if you want to sign deals onsite, your booth should include a private or semi-private meeting area. If you want visitors to watch a video presentation of your product or service, your booth will need to incorporate a designated viewing area, complete with adequate seating. The same applies to product demonstrations, which require enough room for booth personnel to make their pitch and clear lines of sight to allow everyone to get a good look. All of this requires careful planning in advance, ideally from professionals with years of experience in the field of trade show exhibit design.

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Professional Exhibition Booth Designs Help You Achieve Your Goals

Even if you have an attention-grabbing product, even if you have a fantastic booth concept in mind, even if you have world-class graphics sitting on your laptop, creating a booth capable of fulfilling your trade show goals is a difficult prospect—unless you call in the professionals. Professional exhibition booth designs are created uniquely for your brand with your specific goals in mind and are optimized for the venues in which they’ll be used. A professional exhibition booth design will get noticed, look great, and function well, all of which will put you a gigantic step closer toward achieving success at your next trade show.

If you have an event on the books or are thinking about refreshing your exhibition presence, contact us today. Our specialty is one-of-a-kind custom exhibits. We’ve created award-winning designs for some of the world’s top brands for more than 30 years. We look forward to hearing about your brand’s goals and how ProExhibits can help you achieve them.

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Ruben Mancias

Creative Director at ProExhibits

Ruben is a visionary creative director with the skilled ability to apply design thinking around brand strategy, storytelling, and innovation to create highly revolutionary event experiences. He has built an impressive portfolio working on experiential events for Dreamforce, Vidcon, Lollapalooza, Coachella, SXSW, ACL, SXSW, Sundance and many more. He has produced impressive results for iconic brands like Jaguar, HBO, ADP, Salesforce, YouTube, Facebook, and Ray Ban.

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Professional Exhibition Booth Design Ideas (2024)


What makes a good exhibition booth? ›

Having an open, inviting space makes your exhibit, company and brand stand out from the crowd. Eliminating barriers that stop people from coming in or leaving is a great way to attract potential customers. Attendees want to feel free to walk in and out of the exhibit, not be trapped.

How can I make my booth look more attractive? ›

6 tips to make your exhibition booth visually appealing
  1. Decide on the booth size. ...
  2. Capitalize on the location. ...
  3. Make sure to stay on brand. ...
  4. Stand out from the pack with bold and bright colors. ...
  5. Make it an interactive experience. ...
  6. Give something away.

How do you set up a professional booth? ›

Tips and Trick on How to Set Up a Trade Show Booth
  1. Choose the Right Installation and Dismantling (I&D) Partner. ...
  2. Invest in Portable Displays. ...
  3. See the Booth Location. ...
  4. Get to the Venue Early. ...
  5. Meet Other Exhibitors.
  6. Make Your Booth Stand Out. ...
  7. Bring Your Computer If Required. ...
  8. Dismantling Your Trade Show Booth.

How do you make an exhibition layout? ›

What to Consider When Creating an Exhibition Floor Plan
  1. What Kind of Exhibition Are You Holding? ...
  2. What's the Best Use of the Space? ...
  3. Is a Detailed Floor Plan Even Necessary? ...
  4. Where are Visitors Going to Spend Most of Their Time? ...
  5. Discover Floor Plan Inspiration in Our Template Library.

What size is a small booth for exhibition? ›

10X10 can be considered the standard booth size, as they are designed to fit in line with other exhibition stands on the exhibition floor. 10X10 stands open to the front and provides one dimension of open space for attendees to interact with your team and enter your booth.

How do you draw customers to your booth? ›

Reel Them In: 8 Tips to Draw Crowds to Your Event Booth
  1. Influence the Influencers and Media. ...
  2. Gift Giveaways. ...
  3. Make the Media your VIP. ...
  4. Host Interactive games. ...
  5. Feed them! ...
  6. Dress for Success. ...
  7. Have swag to spread the word. ...
  8. Offer free Wi-Fi, or a phone charging station.

What makes a great exhibition stand? ›

An exhibition stand should be attractive, easy to use, and well organized so that visitors will feel comfortable browsing through your products. A good exhibition stand should be visually appealing. This means using colours that complement each other and creating a clean, uncluttered design.

How to decorate a fair booth? ›

Group items in sets of 3 or 5

You don't have to put all items that are the same in one place. Put some of them together in one spot and some in another to give them a better chance at being noticed. Put groups of different sized items next to each other as well to continue the look of different levels.

How do you boost an exhibition? ›

How to attract people to your exhibition stand – 9 expert tricks
  1. Understand the Audience.
  2. Improve Your Exhibition Stand Design.
  3. Work on Content and Graphics.
  4. Don't Ignore Pre-Event Promotion.
  5. Take Advantage of AV Technology.
  6. Create Interactive Experiences.
  7. Offer Free Wi-Fi.
  8. Be Social Media Savvy.

How much does a custom booth cost? ›

The typical industry cost of a custom trade show booth manufacturer is somewhere between $100 and $150 in square feet. The size of your trade show booth affects the additional costs. It costs more to transport a larger booth than if the booth was smaller in size.

How do you make a vendor booth fun? ›

  1. Create your own banner design. Trade show attendees often see a banner before they see the booth itself. ...
  2. Decorate booth walls or ceiling. ...
  3. Set up seating arrangements. ...
  4. Ensure you're welcoming your guests. ...
  5. Include social media opportunities. ...
  6. Distribute bag stuffers. ...
  7. Hold a contest. ...
  8. Look for durable material you can repurpose.
Jan 17, 2023

Where is the best place to set up a booth? ›

  • The entrance is NOT your friend.
  • But be close to the entrance.
  • Intersections with multiple traffic flows (Corners and cross junctions)
  • Left or right.
  • Be near the perks such as cafe and restrooms.
  • (Subjective) Be right next to big brand names and sponsors.
  • (Subjective) Being close to competitors.

What are the characteristics of a good exhibition? ›

the characteristics of exhibit object
  • Size – and it does matter. ...
  • Movement – greater attention is paid to those stands with motion. ...
  • Novelty – unsurprisingly, components of your exhibition stand that are new or novel attract attention.
Aug 8, 2018

What makes an effective exhibition? ›

Unique design, striking content, engaging activities are all contributing to your exhibiting success.

How do I make my exhibition successful? ›

  1. Set Your Goals. To pull off a successful exhibition, you first need to identify your goals and expectations. ...
  2. Pick a Desirable Venue or Space. ...
  3. Research Your Competitors. ...
  4. Get the Word Out. ...
  5. Create Helpful Promotional Material. ...
  6. Design a Great Display. ...
  7. Utilise Innovative Technology.


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