2024 Kitchen Design Trends (2024)

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (1)

Kickstart your kitchen makeover with the knowledge of 2024’s top trends. You’re not just renovating; you’re reinventing. Dive into designs that dazzle, with green hues and gold finishes. Explore innovations like beverage stations and statement hoods. Let’s turn your kitchen into a functional, fashionable space. You’re in control, shaping your kitchen into more than a cooking area. It’s a statement of style, a testament to taste. Embrace the trends; they’re your ticket to transformative design.

Key Takeaways

  • Connection to the outdoors is a prominent theme in kitchen design for 2024.
  • Personalized and innovative designs are favoured, with a focus on minimalism and easy maintenance.
  • Islands are considered the heart of the kitchen, serving as a multifunctional space.
  • Wellness and nutrition are important considerations in kitchen design, with an increased emphasis on sustainability.

Connection to the Outdoors

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (2)

Often, you’ll find that modern kitchen designs are embracing a stronger connection to the outdoors, prioritizing natural light and incorporating elements that mimic nature. This emerging trend, known as biophilic design, is rapidly gaining traction in the world of interior design trends, particularly in kitchen design. It’s a trend that’s all about fostering a deeper connection to the outdoors and more than just aesthetics—it’s also about embracing sustainable design.

Maximizing natural light is a key tenet of this trend. You can achieve this by orienting your kitchen to the south or east to take full advantage of the sun’s rays. Large glass doors and generous windows can further enhance this effect, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. At night, alternative lighting solutions keep your kitchen well-lit while maintaining that outdoor vibe.

Bringing the outdoors in is another key aspect of this trend. You can achieve this by incorporating outdoor-inspired materials and finishes into your kitchen design. Think countertops that mimic natural stone or surfaces that resemble wood. These materials are visually appealing but also durable and resistant to wear and tear.

To truly embrace this trend, you’ll also want to blur the boundaries between your kitchen and outdoor spaces. This could involve designing a layout that flows seamlessly into an outdoor entertaining area or choosing appliances and fixtures that mimic outdoor elements.

In short, achieving a stronger connection to the outdoors in your kitchen design is about creating a space that embodies freedom, nature, and sustainability.

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (3)

Innovative Personalized Designs

Embracing innovative personalized designs in your kitchen allows you to infuse your own style and needs into the heart of your home. Kitchen design trends are shifting towards spaces that reflect your lifestyle and taste, encouraging a deeper connection with the culinary environment.

Innovative personalized designs are all about customization, blending functionality with aesthetics to create a modern kitchen that’s uniquely yours. The latest trends in interior design reveal that homeowners are becoming more adventurous and expressive in their choices.

Here’s how you can make the most of this trend:

  • Maximizing the Space:
  • Opt for customizable cabinets with adjustable shelves and drawers.
  • Install a kitchen island that serves multiple purposes, from food prep to dining.
  • Incorporating Personal Style:
  • Play with colours and textures that resonate with your personality.
  • Choose unique, statement-making fixtures and appliances.

Remember, innovative personalized designs aren’t just about following the latest trends but about creating a kitchen that reflects your personality and lifestyle. It’s about the freedom to break away from the traditional and explore the possibilities of modern interior design. So, get creative, think out of the box, and design a kitchen that’s as unique as you are.

Minimalistic and Easy-to-Maintain Designs

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (4)

While you may love infusing your style into your kitchen, you might also appreciate the beauty of minimalistic designs that are easy to maintain. With the increasing popularity of minimalist design, kitchen trends are shifting towards simplicity, functionality and aesthetics. These designs are visually appealing, practical, and easy to keep clean.

The essence of a minimalist kitchen design lies in its clean lines, clutter-free surfaces and limited colour palette. This doesn’t mean your kitchen has to be stark or boring. In fact, you can play with textures, materials and lighting to add depth and interest.

A minimalist kitchen remodel can be a liberating experience. It lets you declutter your space, making it more efficient and enjoyable. Consider incorporating smart storage solutions and energy-efficient appliances to elevate your kitchen’s functionality.

Minimalist Design FeaturesBenefits
Clean LinesCreates a sleek and modern look
Clutter-free SurfacesEnhances functionality and ease of maintenance
Limited Color PaletteMakes the space look bigger and brighter

Islands as the Heart of the Kitchen

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (5)

Moving on from minimalistic designs, you’ll find that kitchen islands are increasingly becoming the heart of the home, serving as both functional workspaces and social gathering spots. This shift is part of the dynamic kitchen design trends that turn your kitchen space into a hub of activity.

Kitchen islands serve more than just a practical purpose. They’ve become a focal point in the kitchen, a place where you can express your style and creativity. A contrasting island, for example, can add a touch of drama and visual interest to your kitchen.

  • The popularity of Kitchen Islands
  • 57% of kitchen renovators plan to include an island in their finished kitchen.
  • 30% of renovators are adding a brand new island to the space.
  • Contrasting Kitchen Islands
  • Kitchen islands that contrast with the cabinets are popular.
  • 22% of remodelling homeowners opt for a contrasting countertop material on their islands.

But the heart of the kitchen is more than just aesthetics. It’s also about functionality. Outfitting your island with a butcher block countertop can provide an expansive workspace for meal prep. And with the trend of working from home, 1 in 5 homeowners report using their kitchen island for work.

The kitchen island is more than just a trend. It’s a design choice that stands the test of time, making it a worthwhile investment. So, when you’re thinking about your next kitchen renovation, consider making the kitchen island the heart of your kitchen. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Wellness and Nutrition Focus

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (6)

Even though you might not realize it, your kitchen design can significantly influence your wellness and nutrition habits. Current kitchen trends are shifting towards a focus on wellness and nutrition, reflecting a design trend that prioritizes health. This shift towards wellness in interior design is not just about aesthetics, but also about creating spaces that nourish the body and the mind.

Imagine a kitchen where everything is designed to make healthy living easier. From ample natural light, to easy access to fresh herbs grown right there in your kitchen, to a layout that encourages movement and social interaction – each aspect of the design is curated to enhance your wellbeing.

This wellness-focused trend includes elements like kitchen gardens and composting solutions. As part of this trend, homeowners are increasingly integrating composting systems into their kitchen ideas, a move that not only boosts their green credentials but also provides rich, organic compost for their kitchen gardens.

Here’s a look at some of the key trends of wellness-focused kitchen design:

Kitchen GardensIncorporating green spaces for growing herbs and vegetables indoors.
CompostingIntegrated composting solutions to reduce waste and enhance soil health for kitchen gardens.
Social SpacesDesigning large, open spaces for social interaction to boost mental wellbeing.
Biophilic DesignsIncorporating natural elements into the kitchen to create a serene and calming atmosphere.

These trends signal a shift towards kitchen designs that don’t just look good, but also help you live better. It’s a design trend that’s all about harnessing the power of design to create healthier habits and, ultimately, a healthier you.

Increased Focus on Sustainability

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (7)

Embracing sustainability in your kitchen design isn’t just good for the planet; it’s also becoming a major trend in the world of interior design. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has identified an increased focus on sustainability as one of the key trends for the coming years.

Sustainable kitchen designs now involve far more than just recycling bins. You’re being encouraged to think about the materials you’re using, the longevity and energy efficiency of appliances, and even the way the design can help to reduce food waste.

Consider these examples:

  • Energy efficient appliances – These can significantly reduce your kitchen’s environmental impact. For instance, induction cooktops use less energy than traditional stoves, and appliances with high Energy Star ratings can save both power and money.
  • LED lighting is another smart choice. It’s more energy efficient than traditional lighting and can even be incorporated into your design innovatively, such as under-cabinet and toe-kick lighting.
  • Sustainable materials – There’s a growing trend towards using reclaimed and sustainable materials in kitchens. This can range from FSC-certified wood for cabinets to reclaimed quarry tiles for flooring to countertops made from recycled materials.
  • Even the paint you choose can make a difference. Opting for non-toxic paints and finishes can help to create a healthier, more sustainable kitchen.

Well-Curated Lighting in Kitchen Design

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (8)

When it comes to creating a warm and inviting kitchen atmosphere, your lighting scheme plays a crucial role. Well curated lighting in kitchen design is one of the top kitchen design trends, making your space both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Consider your kitchen lighting as your secret ingredient, adding the right flavor to your space. Whether you’re chopping vegetables or hosting a dinner, the right lighting sets the mood. One way to achieve this is through pendant lighting. Pendant lights are not only functional, they also add a decorative element that makes a statement.

Choose a pendant light that complements your kitchen’s style. A bold, oversized pendant can serve as the focal point of your kitchen, while a series of smaller pendants can create a sophisticated ambience. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes, colors, and materials.

Also, consider other types of lighting. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates your workspace, while toe-kick lighting adds a subtle glow, enhancing safety and visual appeal. For a more dramatic effect, opt for sconces or architectural lighting. Remember, lighting should not only be about functionality, it should also contribute to your kitchen’s overall design.

Lastly, pay attention to the quality of light. Soft, warm light creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while bright, cool light is ideal for tasks that require precision. In the end, it’s all about creating a well-balanced lighting scheme that caters to all your needs. So, let your creativity shine and light up your kitchen in style.

Popular Design Layouts and Features

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (9)

Continuing your journey through kitchen design trends, you’ll find that popular design layouts and features are just as pivotal in shaping the heart of your home. As we explore the year’s top kitchen trends, you’ll discover how the right layout and design elements can transform your kitchen into a place of beauty and functionality.

One of the popular design layouts is the open concept layout, fostering social interaction and freedom of movement. This layout seamlessly merges the kitchen with other living spaces, promoting a more inclusive and interactive environment.

Another feature in a kitchen that’s gaining traction is the kitchen island. Not only does it provide extra workspace and storage, it also serves as the focal point of the kitchen layout.

In terms of design elements, here are some of the top trends:

  • Smart storage solutions:
  • Pull-out trash cans and recycling bins
  • Deep drawers for pots and pans
  • Eco-friendly materials:
  • Sustainable countertops made from recycled or renewable materials
  • Energy-efficient appliances

These features are not just about aesthetics; they’re about creating a kitchen that caters to your lifestyle and needs. The beauty of these popular design layouts and features is that they allow you to adapt and experiment, giving you the freedom to design a kitchen that truly feels like your own. So, as you plan your dream kitchen, remember that the latest trends are just a guide. The best kitchen design is one that works for you and makes your daily routines easier and more enjoyable.

Latest in Kitchen Technology

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (10)

Let’s dive into the latest advancements in kitchen technology that can revolutionize your cooking and dining experience. Our trends research reveals an exciting wave of innovations to make your new kitchen the hub of your home.

High-tech appliances are redefining what’s possible in the kitchen. Smart refrigerators can now order groceries, suggest recipes based on ingredients you have, and even play music. Induction cooktops are becoming more commonplace, offering safer, faster, and more efficient cooking. Integrated systems, such as voice-controlled assistants, are now part of many kitchen appliances, making cooking more convenient and enjoyable.

Your new kitchen can be as connected as you want it to be. Imagine your coffee machine brewing a fresh cup as your alarm goes off or your oven preheating on your commute home. This is the latest in kitchen technology, and it’s all at your fingertips.

The trends report is also seeing a rise in sustainable kitchen technology. Energy-efficient appliances, water-saving faucets, and recycling systems are becoming a standard in new kitchens. As our awareness of our environmental impact grows, so does our desire for green solutions.

The latest in kitchen technology is not just about convenience, it’s about enhancing your lifestyle. It’s about giving you more time to enjoy the things you love and making your kitchen a place where you want to be. The future of kitchen technology is here, and it’s ready for you to embrace it.

Top Sustainability Practices in Kitchen Design

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (11)

As you consider revamping your kitchen, it’s crucial to incorporate top sustainability practices in your design plans. Adopting these eco-friendly strategies not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also creates an inviting, health-conscious space that embodies the latest kitchen design trends.

One way to incorporate sustainability practices in kitchen design is by choosing natural materials for your kitchen cabinets. Opt for wood from sustainably managed forests, or consider bamboo, which is highly renewable. You’ll find a wide variety of colours and finishes to suit your aesthetic, and these materials are long-lasting, reducing the need for future replacements.

Storage space is another area where you can apply sustainability practices. Think vertical and utilize every nook and cranny. This reduces the need for additional furniture, saving resources.

Here are some further ways you can implement sustainability:

  • Opting for Energy-Efficient Appliances:
  • Choose appliances with high Energy Star ratings to save on energy consumption and costs.
  • Consider induction cooktops, which are more efficient than traditional gas or electric stoves.
  • Implementing Water-Saving Features:
  • Install low-flow faucets and dishwashers to reduce water usage.
  • Consider a greywater system to reuse water in your garden.

Embracing sustainability in your kitchen design doesn’t mean sacrificing style or functionality. Rather, it provides an opportunity to create a space that’s not only trendy and functional, but also kind to the environment and your wallet. By incorporating these practices, you’ll create a kitchen that’s truly at the forefront of design trends.

2024 Kitchen Design Trends (12)

Incoming and Outgoing Kitchen Design Elements

In your quest for a trendy yet timeless kitchen, it’s crucial to understand the design elements coming into vogue and those on their way out. The kitchen design trends 2024 reveal a shift towards modern minimalism and sustainable materials, while some old favourites are taking a backseat.

Incoming kitchen design elements reflect a desire for a fresh, sophisticated aesthetic. Expect to see countertops with lighter colours than cabinets crafted from sustainable materials like quartz. This countertop trend pairs beautifully with the rising popularity of flat panel cabinet designs without hardware, giving your kitchen a sleek, clean look.

On the flip side, some elements are set to exit the kitchen stage. Traditional, heavy-looking cabinet designs are being replaced with more streamlined and modern alternatives. The same goes for countertops. Dark, glossy granite countertops are slowly falling out of favour, with people opting for lighter, less polished surfaces that are easier to maintain.

But remember, trends don’t dictate everything. Your kitchen should reflect your personal style and accommodate your lifestyle. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast who needs expansive countertops for meal preparation or a busy parent who values easy-to-clean surfaces and practical storage solutions, there’s a kitchen design out there for you. As 2024 approaches, keep these incoming and outgoing kitchen design elements in mind as you plan your perfect kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel Incorporating These Design Trends?”

You’ll likely spend between $25,000 and $65,000 for a kitchen remodel incorporating popular design trends. Costs vary depending on features like gold finishes, green cabinetry, and quartz countertops. It’s an investment in style and functionality.

How Do These Kitchen Design Trends Impact the Overall Home Value?”

Well-chosen kitchen design trends can significantly boost your home’s value. Updated aesthetics and smart storage solutions make your space more appealing to buyers, potentially increasing your profit when it’s time to sell.

Are These Kitchen Design Trends Suitable for Small-Sized Kitchens?”

Absolutely! Many current kitchen trends, like minimalist designs, innovative storage solutions, and under-cabinet lighting, are perfect for small kitchens. They can make your space feel larger, brighter, and more efficient.

What Are Some Tips for Incorporating These Trends Into an Existing Kitchen Without a Complete Remodel?”

You don’t need a full remodel to freshen up your kitchen. Try adding under-cabinet lighting, swapping out old faucets for gold finishes, or painting cabinets a trendy green. Small changes can make a big impact.

How Do These Trends Cater to Individuals With Special Needs or Disabilities in the Kitchen?”

These trends focus on accessibility and convenience. Lowered countertops, pull-out cabinets, and smart appliances cater to those with disabilities. They’ve designed kitchens to be comfortable, practical, and stylish for everyone, including those with special needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Save Money on Kitchen Remodel Costs?

Here are some ways to save money on your kitchen remodel.

Do your research.

You must first do your research before you start any kitchen renovation project. This will give a clear understanding of your goals for your kitchen remodel. You can also save money by doing research.

Set up a budget.

Once you have a clear picture of your kitchen remodel goals, it is time for you to create a budget. This will allow to budget how much money you’ll spend on the project. You must also stick to your budget in order to avoid going overboard.

Check out other websites for specials and discounts.

Consider looking for deals and discounts when shopping for kitchen appliances and materials. This will help you save money on your kitchen remodel costs.

Hiring a contractor who is trustworthy

It is important to find a contractor that you trust and who has a solid track record when remodeling your kitchen. A reputable contractor can provide you with quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Do the job yourself.

You may consider doing the work yourself if you are handy around the house. You will save money and feel satisfied knowing you did the work yourself.

These tips will help save you money when remodeling your kitchen.

What are the top mistakes when renovating a kitchen?

  • Installing a new kitchen in the wrong location may not work out.
  • You could get wet floors if you place the dishwasher too far from your sink.
  • It is possible to have the fridge placed right next to the oven making it difficult to open.
  • Insufficient counter space can lead to problems.
  • Not having enough storage is another common mistake. Make sure that you have enough shelves, cabinets, and drawers for all of your kitchen gadgets.
  • It is difficult to choose the right appliances for a kitchen remodel.
  • You want them to be space-friendly and energy-efficient.
  • It’s a mistake not to hire a professional designer to help you with your design. A professional can make sure everything fits into the space and is accurate to scale.
  • Trying to do too much yourself is a common kitchen renovation mistake. You must know your limits, and when to call for help. This is key to a successful renovation of your kitchen.
  • This is a mistake. Kitchens can be costly, so ensure you have the funds to cover the entire project.
  • Not having a clear idea of what you want is a mistake. Before you start a renovation, it is important to know what style, layout, or finishes you desire.

These are some of the most common mistakes made when renovating a kitchen. To avoid making these errors, consult a professional before you start your project. It is possible to have a successful renovation of your kitchen if you plan and execute well.

How can I make my white kitchen more interesting?

There are many ways to make your white kitchen more appealing. You can add colour to your backsplash tiles and appliances. If you desire warmth in your white kitchen, one option is to include wood elements. Warm LED lighting can also be used to enhance the warmth of a white kitchen. Whatever your choice, remember that personalizing your kitchen will make it unique.

When remodeling a kitchen, should you start with the floors or the cabinets first?

How you install your floor will determine the answer. Before you can install floating floors, make sure to install your counters and cabinets first. If you want to use glue-down, or nail-down flooring, first install the flooring and then place your cabinets. Speaking with a professional to see what option is best for you and your kitchen remodel is best.


  • Your most significant cost investment for a kitchen remodel will usually be cabinets, typically comprising 25 percent of your budget. (hgtv.com)
  • It’s a fantastic thing about most home improvement projects: no matter the job. It often seems like the last 20% is the most difficult. (familyhandyman.com)
  • In the Pacific region (Alaska, California, Washington, and Oregon), according to Remodeling Magazine, that same midrange central kitchen remodel jumps to $72,513, and a major upscale kitchen remodels jumps up $11,823 from the national average to $143,333. (hgtv.com)
  • This is rather grim, but according to Business Insider, 12 percent of couples consider getting a divorce while renovating their home! (familyhandyman.com)
  • “We decided to strip and refinish our kitchen cabinets during a heat wave with 90-plus-degree temperatures and 90 percent humidity in a house with no air conditioning. (familyhandyman.com)

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How To

How to design and build a kitchen you love to cook in.

Kitchen design should combine aesthetics with practicality. Your kitchen should be designed with functionality in mind so that it feels like home.

Here are some suggestions to help you plan the perfect kitchen.

  1. The layout that is most suitable for you will be the best. L-shaped, Ushaped, or galley kitchens are the three most popular. L-shaped Kitchens are perfect for entertaining, and can easily hold multiple cooks. U-shaped Kitchens are ideal for families who spend a lot in the kitchen. They provide plenty of counter space and storage. Galley kitchens work well in small spaces because they are efficient and simple to use.
  2. Take the time to research all options in cabinetry, and then choose high quality products. There are many options depending on your budget. High-end cabinets are a great investment. They will last for a longer time, look better, provide greater protection against temperature and humidity changes, as well as being more durable.
  3. Use a color palette that makes you smile. No matter what color you like, you can find a color combination that will bring life and color into your kitchen. You can use bright colors or soft pastels. You should make sure it matches your rest of the room.
  4. Look for a harmonious balance between beauty, function, and style. It’s not necessary for your kitchen to be beautiful all of the time. Sometimes you need to focus more on functionality than looks. This doesn’t mean that you can’t add some decorative elements to your design. You can create a unique focal point by using a combination of glass, metal, brass, ceramics, stone, wood, and other materials.
  5. Create a comfortable environment. Remember that comfort is the most important thing when designing your kitchen. This space will be used a lot, so it should feel welcoming and comfortable. Add some seating areas, lighting fixtures, and other features that will help you relax after a long day.
  6. Storage is important. Your kitchen should offer ample storage space for all your cooking tools, utensils, dishes, pots, pans, etc. If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, add more cabinets.
  7. Include a pantry. A dedicated pantry will make it easier to organize and store food items. Plus, having a separate area where you can stockpile extra supplies will prevent clutter from building up around the rest of your kitchen.
  8. You might consider a new type of flooring. Your kitchen’s overall appearance and feel will be affected by the flooring you choose. There are many choices. To save on transition pieces, you can use the same flooring across the entire house if it is small.
  9. Plan for expansion. A lack of space to grow is one of the biggest errors people make when remodelling kitchens. Consider adding another walk-in or sliding closet to expand your countertop space.
  10. You should ensure that there is enough light. The best way to enjoy your kitchen is by being able to see what you’re doing. If you intend to use your kitchen as a gathering place for the family, make sure you let plenty of natural light through your windows.
  11. Energy-efficient appliances are recommended. The most important aspect of kitchen remodelling is energy efficiency. This means replacing old appliances with more efficient models.
  12. Be realistic about your budget. Analyze your financial situation before you start shopping for kitchen appliances and cabinets. This will allow you to narrow your options and help you save money in long term.
  13. Make sure you have a designated space for entertaining. Whether you enjoy hosting dinner parties or entertaining friends over drinks, a designated area for dining will allow your guests to socialize and gather.
  14. Incorporate an island. An island is a great addition to any kitchen.
2024 Kitchen Design Trends (2024)


What are the new trends in kitchen cabinets in 2024? ›

Bold and trending cabinet colors are making waves in the kitchen, with more homeowners opting for vibrant hues such as deep emerald greens, rich navy blues, fiery reds, and moody blacks instead of neutral tones.

What color kitchen appliances are in style 2024? ›

In 2024, the kitchen is going full-blown Technicolor. Gone are subtle color palettes like duck egg and deep green; in their place, homeowners and kitchen designers alike are favoring palettes—and ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers to match—like black or pink; moody versus bright.

What is the trend in kitchen faucets in 2024? ›

Gold Finishes and Accents

What color is your kitchen faucet? If you're like most people, it's probably a shiny or brushed stainless steel finish. Or maybe it's matte black or oil-rubbed bronze. However, in 2024, the design world is moving toward a new favorite metal finish: gold.

Are dark cabinets out of style 2024? ›

Designer Amber Lewis proves 2024 trends are all about dark cabinets and glossy finishes in this kitchen before and after. Just a few years ago, kitchens were all about modern and minimal design; with bright white hues and sleek countertops seen time and time again in the world of interior design.

What is the most popular cabinet style in 2024? ›

The wood cabinet trends of 2024 run the gamut from light, farmhouse-inspired styles to richer and more sophisticated hues. Many homeowners, however, are seeking a middle ground: neutral earth tones that make the most of oak and maple. This provides a great opportunity to achieve a rustic aesthetic.

What is the most popular kitchen color in 2024? ›

Sure, white, black, and even navy—the neutrals of kitchen walls and cabinet fronts—are always at the forefront, but they're considered evergreen rather than trendy. The trending kitchen paint colors for 2024 veer off this comfortable road. Think warm reds and hunter greens.

Are white kitchens out for 2024? ›

D.C. design pros say do this instead. After years of muted farmhouse-style kitchens, 2024 ushers in an earthier era, with greens, blues, natural wood tones and warm metals.

Are white cabinets going out of style 2024? ›

This year, expect to see more color enter the kitchen, especially when it comes to the cabinets. While white continues to be the most common cabinetry color, wood and green kitchen cabinets are on the rise.

Are stainless steel appliances still in style 2024? ›


Stainless steel continues to be a classic that never goes out of style.

What color faucets are in style 2024? ›

Warm metallic tones like brass and gold continue to make waves. Faucets with these finishes bring a sense of luxury and timeless elegance to the kitchen space. Brushed Nickel Finishes: In 2024, brushed nickel finish is stealing the spotlight.

Are gold fixtures in style 2024? ›

In fact, it's not just a passing trend, according to Decorator's wisdom, brushed gold is expected to be a prominent trend in bathroom design through 2024! Its versatility is one of the key reasons for its rising popularity.

Is oil rubbed bronze out of style 2024? ›

Oil-rubbed bronze is a classic fixture color that can be timeless in the right space. While oil-rubbed bronze isn't out of style, a bright faux bronze or faux gold fixture could probably use a refresh. Many homeowners opt for more modern, flat black fixtures that work well with most interior styles.

What is the best color for kitchen cabinets in 2024? ›

In 2024, popular kitchen cabinet colors include black, green, gray, and blue. They offer a range of styles and can complement various design styles and personal preferences.

Are Shaker cabinets going out of style 2024? ›

Looking ahead into 2024, shaker cabinets still remain the most popular, but that isn't the only option.

What color cabinets never go out of style? ›

5 Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors That Will Never Go Out of Style, According to Interior Designers
  • Greige. A mashup and gray and beige, greige is a versatile color that pairs with a variety of countertop and backsplash materials. ...
  • Navy. ...
  • White. ...
  • Sage Green.
Jan 5, 2023

Are white kitchens out in 2024? ›

D.C. design pros say do this instead. After years of muted farmhouse-style kitchens, 2024 ushers in an earthier era, with greens, blues, natural wood tones and warm metals. Why it matters: The kitchen sells the house!

What is the best material for countertops in 2024? ›

A) 2024 Design Trends

Natural stone countertops like marble and quartzite continue to be favoured for their timeless beauty. In addition, engineered quartz countertops that mimic the look of marble without the high maintenance requirements are highly sought after.

What is the best kitchen splashback for 2024? ›

Granite, marble, and quartz are all popular choices for kitchen splashback. Stone (and engineered stone) is incredibly durable and easy to clean. It also has a luxurious look, making any kitchen feel more upscale. So, it only makes sense that stone has become one of the most popular splashback choices for 2024.

Are black kitchens in for 2024? ›

If you're looking for a dramatic color, both black and green cabinets will be very popular. These 2 colors have been popular paint colors in the last few years, and now that color trend is moving to the kitchen as well.


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