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1BHK Interior Designs

One-bedroom homes, or what is popularly referred to as 1BHK (1 bedroom, hall, kitchen) apartments are common in most large cities and metros that have limited space. The high costs of homes in cities and the necessity of living there to be close to work or make commuting easy have led to many homeowners opting to live in small homes such as 1BHK apartments. Given the size of the space and the probability of families living in such space, 1BHK home design must be done in a way to ensure comfort, aesthetics and function. The right colours, the number of furniture pieces and ensuring the space is not crowded with decor accessories go a long way in making a 1BHK home design seem spacious and comfortable.

1. How do I decorate my 1BHK flat? OR How do I realise my 1BHK house design?

When it comes to 1BHK house design decoration ideas, it is important to ensure that whatever design is planned makes the most of available space. Opting for a minimal design aesthetic is a good idea so that the limited space doesn’t feel cramped or overcrowded. An open layout for a 1 BHK house plan is ideal. It gives you seamlessness of movement and more floor space with the lack of walls. Using mirrors or reflective materials is another way to make the most of your 1BHK house plan. Light colours, minimal multifunctional furniture, abundant natural light and less decor are key to an elegant and simple 1BHK home design.

2. Which colour is the best for a 1BHK home design?

When working with limited space, the 1BHK colour and interior ideas that work best are light, muted shades. White is one colour which can never go wrong, as are other shades in this family, such as beiges, creams etc. Bright colours should be used as accents and in moderation. Too much bold, bright colour can overwhelm a small space so it is best avoided.

3. What is a 1BHK house?

In simple terms, 1BHK is an abbreviation for a house which has one bedroom, a hall or living room and a kitchen. In large cities and metros, apartments with this configuration are common because of the limited space available. However, any house which has one bedroom design, along with a living area and a kitchen can be called a 1BHK. A 1BHK bungalow design, for example, or a 1BHK farmhouse design, would both be much larger than a flat with similar configurations.

4. How can Beautiful Homes help me with my 1BHK flat interior design?

We are a full-service interior solutions company and look into every aspect of design and decor when it comes to residences. Whether you are looking for a 1BHK flat interior design on a low budget or a more generous budget, our expert interior designers can help realise your vision for your house.

Types of 1BHK Interior Designs

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An L-shaped sofa with light fabrics and accessories

1BHK Interior Design Service & House Plan (2)

A beige themed living room with grey and brown furniture

1BHK Interior Design Service & House Plan (3)

Pale taupe bedroom highlighted with false ceiling and sheer curtains

1BHK Interior Design Service & House Plan (4)

A three-seater sofa accessorised with cushions and throws

1BHK Interior Design Service & House Plan (5)

A living room in muted shades with differently designed armchairs and tables

1BHK Interior Design Service & House Plan (6)

A black and white kitchen with built-in appliances

1BHK Interior Design Service & House Plan (7)

A four-post bed with sliding wardrobes in teak finish

1BHK Interior Design Service & House Plan (8)

An all white-kitchen with mosaic tabel top and brown fixtures

1BHK Interior Design Service & House Plan (9)

A cozy corner arranged with rugs, photo frames and plants

Our design process - how it works

Your home is all about you. From the first call, we try to understand you and your expectations from a living space. Our designers work with you on finding the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, while our project manager ensures that budget, time and quality goals are met.

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Cost optimisation and planning

We will help you make key interior design decisions that suit your budget, before charting out a project plan

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Once the work is completed, we hand over the keys to your new home - a successful collaboration!

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Factors That Influence Your 1BHK House Plan

Given that space is limited in a one-bedroom apartment, a 1BHK home design should be carefully considered to make the most of what is available and create a 1BHK home design that suits the residents and optimises their comfort. Several factors, therefore, must be considered while working on a 1BHK home interior design, whether it is designing from scratch or 1BHK renovation ideas. Moreover, for a 1BHK house plan, low budgets are also not a problem because the space to work on is less in any case.


Using the floor plan of a 1BHK well is one of the most important aspects to get right if homeowners want to prevent the apartment from seeming too cluttered and small. Creating enough space in a 1BHK house design involves thoughtful planning when it comes to the layout. For example, an open layout that allows for seamless movement from one room is a great way to make the 1BHK interior design look spacious. Other elements that contribute to spaciousness are using limited and only necessary furniture, preferably multifunctional pieces, using neutral colours and reducing clutter.

Conflicting Objects

Homeowners often enjoy adorning their homes with decor objects, artworks and accessories that are a reflection of their tastes. This could also be through prints and patterns used on the soft furnishings. This inevitably leads to adding too many elements to the house that may sometimes not complement each other. A brightly coloured artwork, for instance, may clash with some bold prints or patterns used on cushion covers or the sofa upholstery. A large decor piece might encroach on a space that could have been better served by adding a seating option. All these increase a sense of overcrowding. In a 1BHK interior design, creating a space with elements that complement each other goes a long way in making the space seamless.

Natural Light and Ventilation

Ensuring a generous amount of daylight in homes of any size is important. This takes on greater significance the smaller the home is. A 1BHK house plan that receives abundant natural light also serves to make the house seem bigger and airier than it is. A well-ventilated and naturally lit house is also refreshing and rejuvenating to its residents. Furthermore, in compact spaces like a 1BHK, these factors prevent the space from looking dull and gloomy. A 1BHK interior design, therefore, should typically aim to make the most of the natural light and air that the apartment gets.

Vastu of the House

A lot of homeowners in India believe in the positive impact that adhering to vastu shastra can bring to their homes. It is, therefore, a significant contributor to a 1BHK house plan. From 1BHK flat colour ideas to the direction of certain features, the right way to design the entrance to the home, the materials to be used, indoor plants in the house, the location of the bathrooms—all these factors are also influenced by vastu shastra. It is important to contact a trustworthy and reliable vastu expert while making these decisions in the creation of the 1BHK interior design.

How To Make a Functional 1BHK Room Design

Aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand when it comes to creating a comfortable home. In the case of a 1BHK flat design, this becomes even more important because of the constraints on the space that designers have to work with. Storage, furniture and layout among other things can help make a 1BHK home design functional.

Basic Storage Options

Needless to say, storage in a 1BHK house plan has to be carefully thought about when it comes to the interior design of a one-bedroom home that is limited on space. In such cases, storage can be incorporated into whatever the 1BHK furniture design options and ideas are. Pieces of furniture that also offer storage go a long way in saving space. The other alternatives can be in the form of 1BHK decoration ideas, including wall-mounted shelving units or TV units, wardrobes etc.

Standard Dimensions and Measurements

To ensure functionality in a 1BHK house plan, the dimensions and measurements of the space—each of the rooms, the floor-to-ceiling height, the size of the windows and doors, etc—are important. It is based on these factors that 1BHK furniture design alternatives can be looked at to ensure the pieces aren’t too big or unwieldy for the house. Heavy and big pieces that look awkward given the specific measurements of the flat and don’t work with the 1BHK house plan will affect how functional the space is.

Modular Furniture Versus Carpenter-Made Furniture

Modular furniture is factory-made and includes separate units that are then fit together and carpenter-made furniture is made by a contracted carpenter on-site. While it is a matter of individual preference over which to choose, modular furniture is gaining in popularity nowadays. It can be a very cost-effective option for homeowners considering 1BHK interior design costs on a budget. In case of the house being rented, it is also easier to move the modular furniture when the lease ends. The advantage of carpenter-made furniture, on the other hand, is that it is made to measure and fits the dimensions of the house very easily. Though it is very difficult to change any pieces once made and the material used is typically only plywood or timber. From a functional perspective, modular furniture is convenient

Electrical Points

Given the heavy dependence on all kinds of gadgets for daily use, planning the placement of electrical points is very important. In a 1BHK interior house plan, the location should be carefully thought through for each room. While planning a 1BHK hall interior design, for example, the electrical points should be close to the seating area for convenience. And in a kitchen design of a 1BHK flat interior design, the electrical points should work with the location of the appliances. There should be at least three outlets for use. As a rule of thumb, every room should have a minimum of one lighting point.

Budgeting for a 1BHK Home Design

  • Before planning the budget of a house design, consider the size of the flat; generally, a 1BHK house design falls somewhere between 325 square feet and 450 square feet.
  • It is important to draw up a plan of the house, based on the amount of furniture needed for the bedroom, living and kitchen in a 1BHK house plan, the storage options in each which will be based on individual requirements, etc.
  • The materials used as well as the soft furnishings also play an important role in finalising the budget for a 1BHK home design.

1BHK Flat Interior Design Ideas

  • They could be about new design or 1BHK renovation ideas, the design for a one-bedroom flat should focus on optimising space and functionality while ensuring a visually pleasing aesthetic.
  • The most fitting 1BHK colour and interior ideas would be keeping things subtle, clutter-free and muted. When it comes to 1BHK flat colour ideas, neutral colours work best in a limited space.
  • Other colour-related 1BHK home design ideas include using bright shades and bold prints as accents to complement the neutral palette.
  • When it comes to 1BHK furniture design options, visually light pieces in lighter-coloured wood (if wood is the preferred material for furniture) will go a long way in making the space feel bigger than it is. In a compact 1BHK hall interior design, these kinds of pieces will open up the space and make it seem less cramped.
  • Alternatively, multifunctional furniture pieces that double up as storage are a great space-saving option, like a sofa-cum-bed or a TV unit with drawers and display shelves.
  • Wall-mounted furniture for a 1BHK house design is another way to open up floor space, such as a murphy bed that folds into the wall when not in use or a foldable dining table in the living room.
  • For storage, wall-mounted shelves are a great way to save space and increase storage capacity. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets or wardrobes are also a good idea.
  • Going easy on decor when it comes to 1BHK decoration ideas. Minimal accessories will ensure clutter-free rooms and hence make the space seem bigger.
  • Using reflective materials or glossy-finish materials will provide the illusion of space, as will the use of mirrors.

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1BHK Interior Design Service & House Plan (2024)


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